Stefan Junestrand is a frequent and highly appreciated speaker at events related to Blockchain, Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Energy, and Sustainability. He speaks about topics such as:

  • Blockchain & Smart Cities: A revolution of Governance and Public Services
  • Smart Cities: Social Changes, Sustainability, and Technological Trends
  • Blockchain: Solving the problem of Sustainable Building and Circular Economy
  • Intelligent Buildings using Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and IoT

Keynote and Highlighted Speaking Examples:

  • Keynote Speaker: “Blockchain for Smart Cities” at the Business for Smart Cities Expocongress, January 2019 , Kiev, Ukraine:  See Video
  • Keynote Speaker: VIII Feria de la Construcción 2018, Centro para el Desarrollo del Hábitat y la Construcción del Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje – SENA,  October 2018, Medellín, Colombia: See Organizers News Post
  • Keynote Speaker: “Blockchain for Smart Cities and Green Urban Infrastructure” at the Boominfodag, June 2018, The Netherlands: Read Full Post
  • Keynote Speaker: “Blockchain and other emerging technologies for Smart Cities and Territories” when the Colombian Government presented their Smart City Strategy, March 2018, Bogotá, Colombia: Read Full Post

Other Speaker, Moderator  & Webinar Involvements:

  • Roundtable about “Blockchain for Governance” at the “European Blockchain Convention”, November 2018, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Webinar Speaker: Title “Blockchain for Smart Cities: Applications and Use Cases” at the “Blockchain, Crypto, Smart Cities chat”, August 2018, Bangalore, India: See Post Linkedin
  • Moderator: Roundtable about: “Cities in transformation: Experiences to learn from cities in Asia and Europe” at AsiaInnova, July 2018, Madrid: See Post Twitter
  • Moderator: Roundtable about “Blockchain for Smart Cities” at the V Congreso Ciudades Inteligentes, May 2018, Madrid
  • Speaker: Title: Towards a Circular Economy in the Built Environment: Blockchain as a solution for supply chain transparency at IE Business School, April 2018, Madrid: Read Full Post / Article
  • Speaker: Title “Cybersecurity in Intelligent Buildings in Industry 4.0” at the INCIBE 11th Conference about Information Security, November 2017, León, Spain: Read Full Post

Why audiences and meeting planners love Stefan Junestrand

Stefan dedicates time to understand the organization, audience and the ideal outcomes of the speech long before he takes the stage. He customizes the presentation so it meets the unique needs of the event. By choosing Stefan Junestrand as your keynote speaker, you’ll get an inspiring and customized keynote that the audience will love and remember.

Stefan Junestrand delivering his Keynote speech about Blockchain for Smart Cities and Urban Green Infrastructure at the Boominfodag 2018.
Stefan Junestrand delivering his Keynote speech about “Blockchain for Smart Cities and Urban Green Infrastructure” June 2018 at the Boominfodag, The Netherlands.
Stefan Junestrand delivering Key Note Speech about Smart Cities at SENA Medellín Colombia, October 2018
Stefan Junestrand delivering Keynote Speech about “Smart Cities” October 2018 at SENA, Medellín, Colombia.
Stefan Junestrand speakes at the Colombian Ministry of TIC at the presentation of the Colombian Smart City Strategy
Stefan Junestrand speaks at the Colombian Ministry of TIC at the presentation of the Colombian Smart City Strategy, March 2018, Bogotá, Colombia.
Stefan Junestrand talks about "Cybersecurity in Intelligent Buildings" at the 11th ENISE Conference
Stefan Junestrand speaks about “Cybersecurity in Intelligent Buildings” at the 11th ENISE Conference 2018, León, Spain.


Contact with Stefan Junestrand at www.stefanjunestrand.com/contact